5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Will Outlast Flowers And Sweet Treats

5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas That Will Outlast Flowers And Sweet Treats

During Top Picks Thursday on our Facebook page, we spilled the beans on our 5 top picks for Valentine's Day that beat flowers and sweets at their own game!

Don't get us wrong, flowers are stunning, and treats are downright delicious (especially the chocolate ones). But let's face it, they cost a pretty penny for a brief moment of enjoyment.

This year, let's break the mold and go for gifts that keep the love alive without breaking the bank! We've whipped up a short and sweet gift guide featuring signs that'll hit your significant other right in the feels.

Forget the one-time dazzle; these signs are a constant celebration of your love story. So, why settle for fleeting when you can gift something that'll keep the sparks flying for years to come?

I had so much fun choosing our favorites, and to be honest, the selection process was a joy because there could have been even more! Our curated collection of personal and intimate signs is designed to capture your love in every detail. Join us as we unveil these timeless expressions, each one crafted to make your love story shine.

1. Always & Forever Personalized Block Sign 


2. From Our First Kiss, To Our Last Breath

3. We're A Team Framed Wood Sign 

4. I'll Choose You Framed Wood Sign 

5. I Can't Say I Love You Enough So, Here's Your Reminder


In a universe of here-today-gone-tomorrow gifts, these top-notch picks aren't just presents; they're a full-blown celebration for your one-of-a-kind love story. Just like your love, these beautiful wood signs were built to stand the test of time. <3 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

<3 Megan 


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