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You're My Favorite Bitch 15 Oz Coffee Mug

You're My Favorite Bitch 15 Oz Coffee Mug

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Cheers to your favorite partner in crime with our 15 oz Sublimated Mug – the ultimate Galentine's Day gift for the BFF who knows all your bitches! In bold black text, it proudly declares, "You're my favorite bitch to bitch about bitches with." And because every good friendship deserves a pop of color, there's a playful splash of pink for that extra touch of sass.

Imagine the laughter and camaraderie as your bestie sips her favorite beverage from this mug, celebrating the bond that can weather any storm of bitches together. It's not just a mug; it's a declaration of your unfiltered, unapologetic friendship.

Perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening cocoa, this mug is a daily reminder that you've got each other's backs through bitches and beyond. Give the gift of laughter and solidarity – because, with your BFF, every day is a Galentine's Day party.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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