Repurposed Charm: 5 Everyday Items for DIY Farmhouse Décor

Hey friends! 

With spring in full swing, it's that time of year again—spring cleaning and decluttering our spaces. And let's face it, I'm definitely guilty of hanging onto more stuff than I probably need. Especially those treasures I've stumbled upon at thrift stores and yard sales, just waiting to be repurposed into farmhouse-style home decor. You know me—I'm all about that rustic, farmhouse vibe. Imperfections are part of the charm, and there's nothing quite like creating something with my own hands.

If you're keen on achieving that farmhouse look without breaking the bank at a fancy home goods store, I've got some tricks up my sleeve to share. Trust me, you don't need to be a crafting wizard for these ideas. Most of them just involve a coat of paint or a simple tweak to give new life to items you already have lying around the house.

 1. Mason Jars or Spaghetti Sauce Jars

I absolutely love keeping Mason jars and spaghetti sauce jars around! Honestly, I could rave about their versatility and all the DIY possibilities forever. But for today's blog post, I'll just share how I've spruced them up and incorporated them into my home. Now, my place isn’t one of those picture-perfect homes you scroll past on Pinterest or see in glossy magazines, but I think that just makes it feel more genuine and approachable for most families. It's authentic and down-to-earth.

This project is so easy, anyone can tackle it! I repurposed a spaghetti sauce jar by giving it a few coats of white spray paint. After it dried, I filled it with some lavender and lambs ear sprigs that I snagged at Walmart. It turned out to be an adorable farmhouse-style centerpiece for the side table in my living room. I adore this look so much that I've created similar flower arrangements for nearly every room in my house!
This next DIY mason jar project is a bit more involved, but if you're handy with a Cricut and have some experience with vinyl, you can definitely pull this off too!

The possibilities are limitless with this DIY! For this project, I started by coating a mason jar with frosted clear spray paint and let it set for at least 24 hours. I then used my Cricut to select a touching memorial quote, creating a thoughtful reminder of loved ones we've lost over the years. My husband helped by cutting a small wood tag from an old shutter, which I painted and decorated with a vinyl image of angel wings. To finish, I wrapped twine around the neck of the jar.

2. Woven Paper Plate Holders
I adore using woven paper plate holders as wall decor! You can simply hang them up as they are, and they add wonderful texture to your walls, not to mention that charming country farmhouse feel. If you don’t already have some at home, I often spot them at yard sales and thrift stores for less than $1—such a steal!
3. Wicker Baskets
Wicker baskets are back in style! If you've got any stored away or if grandma is thinking of tossing hers, make sure to grab them! The wonderful thing about them is their variety in shapes and sizes, making them versatile for numerous purposes! Larger baskets are perfect for storing cozy blankets near your couch or organizing towels in the bathroom. On the other hand, smaller baskets are ideal for crafting flower arrangements, which happens to be my preferred use for them! This yard sale season, I'm actively seeking out larger baskets because I have plenty of ideas for holiday season decorations!


4. Hardcover Books

Enhancing your decor with height and texture has become much simpler now that you realize you can utilize hardcover books! Personally, I favor using darker and cream-colored books to evoke a rustic, old-fashioned farmhouse atmosphere. If you don't have them at home you can find them at thrift stores and yard sales- and they basically give them away! 

There are so many other DIY projects for hardcover books that I will cover later on! 

5.Vases and Ceramics

This ceramic vase was a yard sale find for 25¢! It was an ugly brown color that needed serious updating. I wanted it to have a textured appearance so I used white chalk paint, completely updating its look! Of course, I added florals but it would make a great utensil holder too! 
In wrapping up, I hope these DIY ideas got your creative juices flowing and inspired you to see the hidden potential in everyday household items. These items are perfect for complimenting other decor such as wooden signs! (wink wink) If you've enjoyed these ideas and want to dive deeper into the world of repurposing leave a comment! I can assure you that I have a ton of ideas that keep me up at night! I would love to share them with my friends!
Let's keep this repurposing journey going and create the country farmhouse spaces you have always dreamed off - without needing a huge budget! 
Happy Repurposing, 
Megan XOXO




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