About Us

  • Owners of Windsor Lane Handmade Decor & More Megan White and Aaron White

Hey there we are Megan and Aaron the proud owners of Windsor Lane where the artistry of rustic farmhouse style wood signs, the warmth of soy blend candles, and the charm of custom wood signs come to life.

Our journey began as a therapeutic hobby in 2016, crafting unique wood signs that embody the rustic charm and style we hold dear. What started as a creative outlet quickly blossomed into a thriving business, affording us the precious gift of being able to stay home with our four children. Through multiple relocations and even the opening of a physical store, the challenges of COVID-19 prompted us to reevaluate our approach, ultimately leading us back to our online roots.

In 2021, we seized an opportunity to realize a long-cherished dream by acquiring a building where we could live upstairs and fulfill our vision downstairs, complete with the workshop of our dreams. This enabled us to not only continue offering our unique creations but also to extend our reach and service in new and exciting ways.

Today, our Etsy shop and our welcoming brick-and-mortar location in North Haverhill, NH, stand as testaments to our passion for crafting personalized rustic farmhouse style wood signs, crafting inviting soy blend candles, and tailoring custom wood signs to your specific desires.

We are grateful for the chance to introduce ourselves and express our heartfelt appreciation for your support. Thank you for getting to know us and for joining us on this creative journey.