Unveiling the Story Behind Windsor Lane: A Journey of Creativity, Gratitude, and Celebration

Hey there, Windsor Lane Fam!

Today we are celebrating 8 years in business! What a perfect time to take a stroll down memory lane to answer one of our most frequently asked questions: Where did the name Windsor Lane come from? 

Windsor Lane isn't just a name – it's a piece of our story, a symbol of our beginnings and the journey we've embarked on together. To tell you our story, we have to go back to where we began, at our old home on Windsor Lane.

 First known as New2Udesign, Windsor Lane began in 2016 on complete accident. During that time, I was struggling with an anxiety disorder that disrupted my life in ways that I never would have thought possible. As a way to cope, I began art therapy. My therapist told me that my creative brain and my anxious brain couldn't work at the same time so I made sure to stay busy! 

Pinterest became my best friend with so many creative projects that I could try. I loved the idea of creating wood signs from pallet wood that I could decorate my home with. My husband and business partner, Aaron, scrounged up some pallet wood from a local feed store and cut all my signs to size.

I didn't have a Cricut at that time (or money to buy one) so I just designed the sign in Microsoft Word, printed it out, and using carbon paper I traced the design to the wood. Once traced, I hand painted every single letter. 

As I poured my heart into creating, I shared my personal creations on Facebook, never anticipating the flood of order requests that would follow. And just like that, Windsor Lane (aka New2UDesign) was born on accident – right there at our kitchen table on Windsor Lane. I will never forget the sign that began it all. "You are my Sunshine" and I still remember the customers names who purchased. Eight years later, they are still loyal customers! I am forever grateful for them being a part of a pivotal moment that positively changed my life.

But why Windsor Lane? Well, it's more than just a street name; it's the place where our journey began. It's where we poured our passion into every brushstroke, where we dreamed and dared to turn those dreams into reality.

As Windsor Lane grew, so did our gratitude for each and every one of you who joined us on this adventure. Your support has been the wind beneath our wings, propelling us forward even on the toughest days.

So, here's to Windsor Lane – a name that encapsulates the spirit of creativity, resilience, and gratitude. Thank you for being part of our story, and here's to many more chapters together.

Thank you for an amazing 8 years, 


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